Deliberative Democracy

Citizen participation and political deliberation throughout the design and implementation of government policies is essential to guarantee an accountable and legitimate government.

The need for public discourse on public policy in Albania becomes crucial considering that the country is going through intense policy reforms in the framework of Albania’s EU accession process.

Hence the lack of an encompassing political discourse on government reforms and EU accession of Albania might broaden the deliberation gap between Albanian citizens and policy makers and might lead to further deterioration of national and local government legitimacy and a future scepticism on EU governance legitimacy.

In order to empower Albanian citizens and civil society organizations in being a proactive part of country’s EU accession process EUNACAL promotes a multilevel political discourse on the design, implementation and evaluation of government policies.

Furthermore, considering that information and communication technology policies are excellent tools to boost deliberation among citizens, interest groups, civil society organizations and government policy-makers EUNACAL is keen in promoting and developing information society in Albania.

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