Negative opinion about Edi Rama

Negative opinion about Edi RamaCompared to July 2015 in March 2016 there is a growing dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister of Albania. The highest increase in the figure of negative opinion towards Edi Rama is found among citizens that position themselves ideologically at the center. In 2015 the figure of center positioned citizens that had a negative opinion about the Prime Minister was 41% meanwhile in 2016 the figure has reached 71%. The second group that shows a high increase in the figure of negative opinion about Edi Rama is the group of left-leaning citizens. Among them, this figure has increased by 28% (10 % in 2015 to 38% in 2016). In addition among right-leaning citizens, negative opinion towards the Prime Minister has increased by 18% (73 % in 2015 to 91 % in 2016).

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